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KA Dynamiccolor | Outdoor Billboards

Company ready to go

Founded in 2012 by Arnon Kraemer and backed by private funding and governmental grants, KA completed a successful 6 year  multidisciplinary development in optics, pigmented film materials, electro hydraulic system, and extensive testing to power a revolutionary reflective digital display for outdoors. Product is now market ready.
Now market ready

Six years of development


Digital Tile Product is ready for Beta testing and pilot programs


Positive Market reaction Major Media and OEMs expressed high interest in our digital tile product. Winner of EU Seal of Excellence.



Granted patent: US, China, Japan, Korea and EU.

Investment Opportunity

Our pigmented reflective digital tile product represents an attractive investment opportunity

for the following key reasons:

Real Need 

OOH Media companies are going digital. However, the only available technology to date for outdoor media – LED technology – provides poor visual performance in day light, inhibited by harsh restrictive regulation (due to extensive light emission and driving-safety concerns), and requires high capital and operation costs and keep digital advertising displays locked out of the market outdoors.

Right Product

Our digital tile addresses directly the current prohibiting challenges of LED technology; providing superior visual performance in daylight, lower capital requirements and adherence to the current prevailing outdoor regulations. Our solution can own the outdoor roadside and over-bridge, retail and spectacular niches currently prohibitive to LED due to regulation and cost – together comprising a $10 Billion opportunity.

Right Time

After almost two decades of experimentation with digital OOH media - market infrastructure is all in place; digital content and management systems, pricing and sales – fueled by the phenomenal market growth. Advertisers and media buyers developed efficient practices to measure impact, and a positive experience altogether.

Right Team

KA multidisciplinary R&D team succeeded in developing a new innovative and proprietary technology that is viable and affordable. The company is leaded by seasoned business professionals with track record in building companies with global strategic partnerships that enable successful market integration.

Right Market

Fast growing, lucrative, highly visible market, with the business motivation and financial resources to invest in infrastructure.

Right Model

KA is and will remain a technology company and will deploy proven models to create income from royalties by engaging media companies with certified global strategic OEM manufacturers with distribution and aftermarket services.


Right Risk

Following five years of development and testing - our pigmented pixel digital tile had reached its pre - production stage and is ready for commercial roll-out. We put together a prudent and modular 5-year plan, addressing both short-term and long-term potential upsides for our investors.

Management Team

Arnon Kraemer

Founder, CEO

BSc. Industrial Engineering, MBA. Creator of Multimedia shows, rewarded NYF annual gold more than 9 times. Former high ranking officer in IAF; F16 combat pilot.

Prof. Tal Carmon


With PhD in Physics and BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Carmon's research bridges between mechanics and optics.

Ron Lev


Multidisciplinary experience in strategic analysis and plan preparation including Investment banking, Entrepreneurship, leading innovation processes. Was member of the Hutchison innovation group, In charge of the innovation of "orange", CEO of various startup companies.

Guy Zimmerman


Experienced Sales, marketing and Business Dev executive in Technology and FMCG. Kornit-Digital, Tefron, Tnuva. brings expertise in digital printing and media. McKinsey Alumni as Junior Partner. B.Sc. Industrial Engineering, TAU.

Zeev Bronfeld

Board Member

With Vast experience in management and value building of companies,  Zeev is a shareholder and a director in number of companies in the medical device,  life sciences and  biotechnology industry. 

Klara Oren

Board Member

MA in Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University.

Founder and CEO of LN Innovative technologies  incubator.

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