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KA Dynamiccolor | Outdoor Billboards

Pigmented digital tiles

Our pixels contain controlled layers of pigment-based materials that reflect color in precision and color-depth of the highest print quality with x4 better contrast than LED and 99% of fill factor.
A patented electro hydraulic system supported by a smart expert system provides dynamic control over 650,000 pixel colors, and 0.3 sec refresh rate.
Pigmented Pixel technology
How does it work? 

Our dynamic control over pixel color, that enables vividness and brightness, at a refresh rate of 0.3 sec, are carried out by a patented electro hydraulic system with a progressive-learning capability and an auto-correction function.

Main Properties


Practically, this means that it harnesses ambient light and sunlight rather than competing with it. Reflecting the sunlight during day time enables our displays to shine without light emission, enjoying the natural visibility of any object placed under sun or ambient light! Reflecting sunlight does not cost any energy. Nor does maintaining an image - our pixel consumes energy only when images are refreshed.


Dynamic - refresh rate is set at 0.3 second. Control system - compatible with standard digital signage network software.

High Quality Color

High Quality Color Display envelope and special effects. Our proprietary Color conversion table is matching the state-of-the-art HP color scale.

Image Contrast

Outperforms like HP-grade prints, and by x4, compared to a LED display in daylight!

Fill Factor

Fill factor is 99%


A modular technology in terms of display sizes and pixel size. Our basic building block - a 15cm x 15cm digital tile - can scale to any display size.

The tile

A modular basic building block

•  Our basic building block is a 150mm x 150mm tile.

•  Current tile can consist of 10 or 16 mm pitch pixels.

•  44 tiles make 1 square meter of display.

•  The open architecture enables any size and color.

Physical properties

•  IP65, water proof Self-temperature regulation.

•  Plug-and-play concept for multiple tile configurations.

•  Low energy consumption.

•  Anti UV and anti-reflection front coating.

•  An Auto Correction for display accuracy & uniformity.

•  Off the grid operation using solar panels.


Technical specification

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