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KA Dynamiccolor | Outdoor Billboards

Current problems

Static Billboard Changing price
2 Ton PVC waste/Year
$8K / Month
KA Dynamiccolor | Outdoor Billboards | Current problems - at night

At night


KA Dynamiccolor | Outdoor Billboards | Current problems - at noon

At noon


KA Dynamiccolor | Outdoor Billboards | Current problems
The challenge is…the SUN!!!
  • Poor color during day time

  • High energy consumption

      14 MW / Month / 60 Sqr m

  • Regulation limits minimize locations

A problem worth solving

The Out Of Home Advertising market (OOH), is going digital to support programmatic and interactive as part of the future smart city. DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) is a fast-growing market predicted to recover from the pandemic slow down by 2022 and to reach 32B by 2026 at CAGR of 10% for the years 2019-2026.


Indoor advertising screens use bright and colorful LCD screens, yet outdoor OOH advertising - where sunlight and ambient light has to be outmatched - is left with LED technology with market growth less than 5% due to:

•  Poor visual performance in daylight

•  Harsh restrictive regulation from light emission​

•  High capital and operational costs​

•  Expensive power infrastructure

All keep digital advertising displays locked out of the market outdoors.

Our solution

Our solution addresses directly the prohibiting challenges of LED technology:

•  Digital yet offers stunning visual performance in daylight

•  Meets the current prevailing outdoor regulations

•  Requires lower operational costs 

•  Enables off the grid operation using solar panels

As such, our solution can own the outdoor roadside and over-bridge, retail and spectacular niches currently prohibitive to LED due to regulation and cost – together comprising a $10 Billion opportunity. 


Technology Pigmented pixels

Inspired by the natural pigmentation processes chameleons use to produce and maintain color

We developed  a digital technology based on pigment materials that reflects ambient light and sunlight to produce vivid colors.


While Light Emitting Technologies, such as LCD and LED, consume energy to compete with sunlight, a chameleon is passively reflecting sunlight to produce color. While LED visibility drops with ambient light intensity, a chameleon will look better.

When the multiple wavelengths of white light encounter a pigment, some wavelengths are absorbed while others are reflected. The newly reflected spectrum creates the sensation of a specific  color.

KA Dynamiccolor | Outdoor Billboards | Technology, pigmented pixels
A clear market need 

All major Media and OEM  leading companies confirmed interest in KA and in the need in going digital and shared with us LOIs and NDAs. Digitalization is clearly evident by the fact that DOOH accounts for 35% of global OOH advertising revenues to date.

But digital outdoor OOH – as opposed to indoor digital OOH – has NO viable solution.   


Digitizing outdoor represents a significant growth opportunity for media companies as static traditional billboards accounts for more than 60% of current revenues. This especially true in some of the mature markets where digital OOH growth is nearing exhaustion.

Technology and products

Pigmented Pixel is a digital reflective display technology.

This means that daylight and ambient light enhance visibility rather than suppressing it.


Pigmented Pixel technology combines patented micro-optics, advanced reflective pigmented materials, and cutting-edge electronics, electro-mechanics and SW.

Digital Tile (market ready)

Modular, digital reflective tiles (15x15cm) that can scale to any size.


Following six years of development and testing - our pigmented pixel digital tile had reached its pre-production stage and is ready for commercial roll-out. We put together a prudent and modular 6-year plan, addressing both short-term and long-term potential upsides for our investors.

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