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A $10B Opportunity in Digital outdoor OOH 

Our solution can own the outdoor roadside, roof-tops and over-bridge billboards, retail and spectacular segments currently prohibitive to LED due to regulation and cost – together comprising a $10 Billion opportunity.

The Solution

Revolutionary digital billboards for outdoors

Outdoor Wall murals and Spectaculars
Outdoor Billboards

Spectacular  20' x 60'

6m x 18m = 108 sq m

Bulletin  14' x 48'

4m x 15m = 60 sq m

Jr. Bulletin  10'6" x 36'

 3m x 11m = 33 sq m

Digital Tile - Advantages

& Competitive Analysis

Pigmented digital tile displays provide a natural un-disturbing visual experience that works well with natural light with extremely low environmental burden.

KA Pigmented Pixel Digital Tile technology combines the advantages of prints and LED without the disadvantages:   

Future markets

Smart city

Architectural surfaces  

Camp Nou Stadium - Barcelona

Pigmented digital tiles provide a natural visual experience that works well with natural light.

Our digital tiles  can cover large urban surfaces for design, esthetics, advertising and informative purposes.

Imagine that the static color tiles of the new Barce stadium were digital….

It could be dressed with a million colors

In endless color configurations 

and present dynamic Imagery and information

Arnon Kraemer | CEO

KA-Dynamic Color



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